Blog Update #2

I have been following the Blog Grand Text Auto since the beginning of this semester. Since my last blog update there have been many interesting updates written on the Grand Text Auto site. The two updates that I felt were most important and interesting are: The relasing of the game: PAX-Save the People, and Nick Montfort’s new game: Curveship.

First, on April 4, 2011 the new Tiltfactor game, POX: Save the People, had been released. From my understanding, this game was created in hopes of helping people better understand the risks behind discouraging immunizations. An excerpt from the NH Union Leader states, “Flanagan is quick to point out the game takes no stance on whether vaccinations are good or bad, it simply explains how diseases are transmitted and allows the players to fight them.” The game allows players to make their own choices, while also opening their eyes to the pros and cons of vaccinations. This game sounds like a really interesting game to play, especially for someone (like me) who just recently took a course about vaccinations. I would enjoy playing a game helps me have a better understanding of the effects of vaccinations in society. If you would like to visit the cites for more information click April 4 or April 11.  

Second, on March 28,2011, Nick Montfort introduced his new, interactive fiction game: Curveship. This game allows players to control the way the story unfolds within the world. Montfort recorded a 22 minute preview talk about Curveship at PAX-East.  During his recorded video I noticed Montfort said, “The reason that literature is interesting is not just the things that happen in it…The way the narrative texture is woven together is an important part also.”  I found this quote very interesting to think about because it is so true. Whenever I watch my boyfriend play games like Dragon Age II or Mass Effect (which give the player the option to control the storyline to some extent), I notice that we both get so involved in the story line. This is not only because of the actions he has to do, but also because of the way the story line is constructed. Overall, Montfort’s talk was about the way Curveship was about player agency and the way the players have control over the storyline.  Montfort’s preview talk can be viewed below. Also, if you would like to check out the original cite click March 28.


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